Services We Offer

Puppy/Kitten exams include personalized vaccination plan, nutrition consultation, discussion about when to spay/neuter and best practices regarding training.
Wellness exams are tailored to the patient’s age, breed, activity, nutrition, possible bloodwork, or imaging (at MercyVet) if necessary. Prevention is the best medicine!
During the consultation Dr. Nobrega will discuss the effects of feeding processed foods that are cooked at high temperatures and which diet may be best for your pet’s current situation. See the nutrition page for more details.
A common part of practice. Dr. Nobrega can look through your pet’s history, previous lab work and imaging and help you make an informed decision as to the next step, the best local specialists, and any alternative options available.
In the past 12 years Dr Nobrega has treated patients with issues as varied as urinary incontinence, heart disease, seizures, acute disk disease and arthritic pain. Every practitioner will have a personal preference regarding technique. Dr Nobrega uses pulse palpation and active points along with the Balance Method. Most patients need 3 to 4 weekly treatments then either once a month or every 3 months for maintenance, depending on the case.
Chinese herbs can enhance acupuncture treatments to reduce visits and accelerate response. These formulas are a mix of various herbs that work together and were developed thousands of years ago. Some Chinese herbal products have been contaminated with toxic compounds, heavy metals and pesticides, that’s why Dr Nobrega only recommends products by reputable companies.
Food therapy is another branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is one more way to enhance acupuncture treatments and herbal therapy. Different foods have different effects on the body (some foods are cooling, others are warming, some promote dryness, others promote moisture) so we can combine foods to promote desired changes for optimal health.
Rehabilitation for pets is like Physical Therapy for people. After an injury or a surgical procedure muscles can atrophy or become stiff. As pets age they can slow down and loose muscle mass. Rehabilitation exercises can be used to improve muscle strength, flexibility, joint range of motion and balance.
N.A.E.T. is short for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. It is a technique that combines acupuncture with a technique that de-sensitizes the body to allergens. First the allergen sensitivity is determined by kinesiology, followed by acupuncture. After treatment the patient needs to avoid that allergen for 24 hours.
End of life decisions are the most challenging a pet owner will ever have to make. Dr. Nobrega can help assess your pet’s condition, quality of life and be there when time comes to help them along if that is your choice. For hospice care: A Help Project Michelle and her team are an amazing local resource for those difficult days when our beloved pets are not yet ready to pass away but getting close.